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In the Shadow of the Kingmakers

In this historical thriller inspired by true events, a British espionage plot spirals out of control—with devastating consequences.


It’s the aftermath of WWI and imperialist powers jostle for influence in Tehran, capital of Persia and heart of the Middle East. James Malcolm is a ruthless British spy set on undermining his American and Russian rivals, but when an act of sabotage escalates into an international incident, the kingmaker becomes the pawn.


Rose Pearce works in the English Consulate with her friend Ali, a sweet boy of fourteen. Their simple existence is shattered the day Ali shares the details of a troubling conversation he’s overheard. Rose encourages him to stick to what he knows best: serving tea and trimming roses in the consulate gardens, but Ali is filled with a sense of duty and takes matters into his own hands, changing their lives forever.


Caught in the shifting sands of shadowy espionage, international agendas, and a lust for Western dominance at all costs, James, Rose, and Ali must fight for what they believe in—if they manage to survive at all.


In the Shadow of the Kingmakers is a vivid, heart-stopping exploration of a moment in history that shaped the world we know today.

Available in Print and Audiobook. The Audiobook is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible in many parts of the world.

Naji and the Mystery of the Dig

There’s a deep, dark hole in Naji’s yard and it’s full of secrets. But will the girl’s curiosity lead her to answers, or disaster?


When Naji wakes to a strange sound she discovers a group of workers digging a hole just outside her room. Filled with intrigue, she wonders what they’ll find at the bottom. Sleeping monsters? Skeletons and curses?


Her father warns her to stay away. The worksite is no place for a child, and if she isn’t careful, she’ll be snatched up by a Looloo; mythical creatures that lurk in the shadows. Summoning her courage, Naji decides to investigate—until a terrible event leaves the whole neighborhood panicking. Have the terrifying Looloos struck again? As it turns out, the answer is far more surprising than Naji and her father could ever imagine.


Based on a true story, this award-winning middle-grade chapter book includes a glossary, study projects, and discussion questions. Join Naji on a suspense-filled exploration of Persian culture and folklore as she learns that sometimes, the best adventures are waiting right under your nose.

For middle graders to adults.
Lexile® Measures 690L.


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